4 Foot Peppermill




Chef's Choice

2 years ago my brother (a chef) asked how large a peppermill I could make.  I told him I would have to make some standard size peppermills first.  I did this and decided that I could use a standard peppermill kit, replace the shaft with a shaft made from stainless steel bar stock and produce a 4 foot tall peppermill. This results in a working peppermill.  You can see the peppermills I have made and peppermills that I have refinished on the previous page.  Below are some of the steps that I made to complete the 4 foot peppermill.

This Peppermill won one of 3 Jurors Choice awards at the Montpelier Mansion Show.

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The first steps in this project were to cut the boards and glue them back together in a pattern. The billet is 49” long and 5-1/2” square.

The next step was to cut 12” off of one end of the billet. This 12” section will become the top of the peppermill. This will allow me to rough turn the peppermill on my lathe.

Next I mounted the 37” section of billet between centers and rough turned it in to the basic shape of a peppermill.

The next step was to mount the top 12” section between centers and rough turn it. Then I mounted it in a chuck on one end and with a live center on the other end.

Then I mounted a drill chuck and a 5/16 installer drill bit in the tailstock and drilled a hole in the top for the shaft.

The next step took place at Temple Blackwood’s shop.

On Temple's Powermatic lathe with a 15 foot Bed, Temple bored out the hole in the center of the peppermill with a series of long drilles.

I then brought the peppermill back to my shop, mounted it between a jam chuck and a cone center and finished turning it.

Then I made the shaft from 3/16” square 304 stainless steel. To do this I cut the 12’ bar to length, mushroomed one end slightly to keep the grinder from slipping off and threaded the other end with a 12-24 threading die.

Finally I finished the peppermill in 8 coats of Glossy wiping polyurethane and buffed it. Lastly I assembled the mechanical parts to the peppermill. This is one View.


Here is another view of the 4 foot peppermill.

Just for scale here is my 5 year old nephew Jake Rudie standing next to the peppermill.

I finally brought the 4 foot peppermill out to my brothers restaurant in Marietta Ohio.

This is a picture of my brother and some of the staff looking over the peppermill.

This is a picture of Julie using the peppermill in the restaurant at the LaFayette Hotel in Marietta Ohio.

This is a picture of Pam putting pepper on my salad in the bar at the LaFayette hotel.

This is a photo of the Pepper mill in my brothers house where it will spend most of it's time.