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Two ONEWAY Bowl Steadies used together on a vase.

I got the idea for this setup after having problems with wobble when boring out an 18" Pepper Mill

Click on the pictures to enlarge.  

The Bowl Steadies need to be setup after the turning is round but before the tailstock is removed.

View with tailstock in place

Another view with the tailstock in place

Tailstock removed before the bore.

After the inside is turned and sanded

Light marks are left on the vase.

The majority of the marks...

are wiped away.

After the inside is turned and sanded, you can remove the bowl steadies, sand the light marks out and apply the finish.

Note: Do not leave the wheels of the bowl steady in contact for extended periods (over night). The wheels will develope dents that cause vibration.

This is the pepper mill I had problems with.

Procedurally I did the entire bore from one end. The end I bored from was not supported. The preceeding pictures show how this problem can be minimized on a vase. On the next pepper mill I used the bowl steadies and bored halfway from each end. The result was much better.

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